10.09.2011 – 21.10.2011

Opening: Friday, 09 September 2011, 5 – 9 pm


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Following his first exhibition, "Do the Stars need a Reason to Shine" (2009), Krome Gallery presents the work of Markus Weisbeck in their new venue at Potsdamer Strasse 98, Berlin-Tiergarten.

With "The Beginning of the End of Time" Markus Weisbeck shows new typographically-oriented sculptural work. His arrangement of poetic word inventions and short stanzas both formally and conceptually address the context of time-based parameters.

As word collages like April in a Day, Spring for a Year and Moments out of Date cross diverse definitions of time, they fragment experienced time and represent compositions of the inner sense’s forms of assumption.

Formally, these are created out of plastic material. The wall-mounted works of layered plexiglass that reference the resulting gaps of die cutting use isolated hour, minute, and second hands for referring to the function of measuring time by kinetics. The hardness of the material presents the force, which can be raised by a hand blow.

Even the oversized printed fabric panels—which run like sails through the rooms like a maze, and in which time and space flow together—allow the word compositions to physically play and distinguish themselves within the context of temporal dimensions. The typefaces are deliberately arranged so that the speed of reading in favor of slower comprehension takes place. Consequently, constructivist forms emerge, which result from the intersections of the spaces between words, which are scaled on an individual grid system.

Through the generation of temporal levels, which only reflect the real time when unified, the viewer is set into a new state, where time is within reach and where he can step out directly from the stream of time.

The projection "Hybrid Clock: Clock-App, that integrates two established time-telling visual devices" presents a clock, which was developed and patented by Markus Weisbeck and celebrates its launch with the opening of "The Beginning of the End of Time." The clock will be available for purchase from the iTunes Store, and can be used for multiple applications. Its volatile substance and computer-generated origin form a counterweight to other time-keeping devices, which suggests that the temporal dimension can never be grasped in its totality and that a holistic escape from the stream of immediate time is never guaranteed, is present in every moment even past.

For more than 15 years Markus Weisbeck (*1965) has been working as a graphic designer. In 1997 he founded Surface, a studio for corporate and cultural design located in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Since 2000 he has published collaborative music projects on the label Whatness and most recently he produced an edition of iPhone applications. Among the works by Surface are campaigns for the Forsythe Company, the German Pavilion at the 2007 and 2009 Venice Biennales, corporate design for Manifesta7, the website of the Academy of Fine Arts, Frankfurt am Main (Städelschule), and a multitude of catalogue and book projects such as the The Hospitality of Presence by Daniel Birnbaum (Sternberg Press, 2008). With Surface, Markus Weisbeck is internationally renowned as one of the most influential designers working today.